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Speech Therapy

Communication can be difficult after a stroke, brain injury or other neurological condition. Speech therapists help patients with speech disorders regain their freedom to communicate effectively at their own pace as part of our palliative or hospice care programs. 

How Speech Therapy Works

Speech therapy services are provided by a licensed speech therapist. These individuals will work with the patient directly to assess their baseline and develop a rehabilitation plan. Pallatus speech therapists do more than help patients deal with symptoms; they are an integral part of the recovery process and work to improve overall quality of life through comfortable communication. 

Goal of Speech Therapy

Speech therapists help patients overcome speech challenges by focusing on the way the tongue and mouth are used to produce different sounds – this may come naturally to some, but this skill can be lost as a symptom of a neurological condition or stroke. 

The patient will practice specific exercises to learn to produce different sounds while also improving the overall sound quality. Our goal is to help patients progressively regain their ability to communicate comfortably, confidently and effectively.

Speech Therapy at Pallatus

Depending on the patient’s situation, speech therapy may be conducted at a facility, at home, or even via telehealth. Speech therapy may be ordered on a weekly, biweekly or other recurring basis depending on the patient’s needs and insurance. 

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