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Our Services

Pallatus Health provides a variety of services to help our patients heal and feel comfortable along their treatment or hospice journey. We guide our patients and their families every step of the way with medical social work, placement services and comprehensive care, so everyone can feel confident in their ongoing care continuum.


Pallatus Health provides various therapies to help our patients heal and live full, complete lives while in Hospice or Palliative care. 


When a loved one gets diagnosed with a serious illness, the first thing that comes to mind is where they are going to be placed for continued care. 

Medical Social Work

In addition to physical care, individuals living with a serious illness may also need emotional, financial and social support.


Infusion Therapy

Home infusion therapy allows for medications and nutrients to be administered directly at home without the patient having to travel to a facility.

Wound Care

During palliative and hospice care, the primary goal is to ease suffering, prioritize comfort and help the patient maintain a good quality of life.

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