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The Benefits Of Early Palliative Care

The Benefits of Early Palliative Care

Many people wait to consider palliative care at the later stage of an illness rather than when a loved one is diagnosed or begins their first treatment. However, there are many benefits to considering palliative care at an earlier stage of an illness. These benefits include:

Helping Caregivers

A caregiver is a person (family member or otherwise) that tends to the needs or concerns of a person with short or long-term limitations due to illness, injury or disability. Caregiving includes bathing, taking loved ones to doctor visits, managing medications and so much more. Unfortunately, this level of care requires a lot of time, resulting in lost work hours and high stress. 

Research has shown that “caregivers often experience effects such as psychological distress, impaired health habits, physiologic responses, psychiatric illness, physical illness and even death.” With early palliative care, caregivers can take a step back when they need to and can rely on a palliative care team to help take care of their loved one while they take a breather. 

Palliative care specialists will help caregivers stay informed by educating the caregiver, explaining how the illness may affect the patient now and in the future. They also take time to explore the patient’s treatment options, helping you and your loved ones to make informed decisions. Palliative care specialists also provide caregivers with methods to better assist their loved ones and equip them with practical tools.  

Improving Quality of Life

Many people are reluctant to consider palliative care because they believe it is a sign of giving up. However, palliative care is a compassionate response to terminally ill patients and is meant to improve their quality of life. 

Palliative care focuses on the individual, giving the patient every opportunity for the best chance of recovery. When someone becomes terminally ill, it doesn’t mean they stop enjoying their favorite hobbies. With early palliative care, patients can continue to do the things they love most and enjoy their time with loved ones from the very beginning rather than waiting till a later stage of their illness.

Reduces Unnecessary Hospital Visits

Many trips to the emergency room or unwanted hospital stays not only add up in cost, but take up a lot of time that could be spent with loved ones. Early palliative care provides an extra layer of support and an entire team of specialists just a phone call away to help the patient manage pain and symptoms in the comfort of their own home. 

Contact Pallatus Health

Palliative care offers patients the opportunity to live life, relieve suffering, and promote dignity. Our team at Pallatus Health is always available and happy to discuss when and if palliative care is the right choice for you or a loved one. Please contact us at (818) 643-6732 or schedule an appointment today!

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